Research Interests

My research revolves around topics in the syntax and interpretation of Russian noun phrases, as well as their interaction with the larger structure of the clause. In addition to Russian, I have also worked on Hebrew, Italian, French, and Norwegian.

  • Russian morphosyntax: structure and interpretation of noun phrases; adjectives and other modifiers; split noun phrases; quantification and numerals; scrambling
  • Semantics: negation and polarity; referentiality and the lack thereof; distributivity; count/mass distinction
  • Heritage language teaching and learning, esp. of Heritage Russian


March 2011: "On number and number-neutrality in languages with and without articles", Workshop on languages with and without articles, Paris [SLIDES in PDF format]

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Copular Sentences in Russian. A Theory of Intra-Clausal Relations. Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory Published by Springer Verlag

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The best theory is not the one that brings everything into line with its one favorite fact, but the one that finds the greatest degree of harmony and convergence among all the facts.
Mark Baker