I live in San Bruno, CA with my husband, Vitaliy Rayz.

In my free time, I love to read mystery novels, dance, cook and embroider.

I am...

People often ask me about my name, what does it mean and where it is from. Here are some answers.


  • No, it is not a short for Alexandra, Anastasia or Anna. Or Hanna, for that matter. It is my full name.
  • No, it doesn't mean Asia (= the continent). And yes, it is spelled with a "Y".
  • The best theory about the meaning of my first name: it means "healing" in Aramaic (a now almost-dead language that was once the lingua franca of the Middle East; Jesus probably spoke it). Though, I doubt that my parents intended that meaning (or knew of it) -- I was named after my greatgrandmother.


  • Despite its strange spelling, my last name comes from Yiddish. The name has been assumed at the turn of the 20th c., so don't try to trace it back to the times of the First Temple...
  • perel = Perl (i.e., "pearl") + tsvaig = Zweig (i.e., "branch"). So, my last name literally means "a branch of pearls". Put that together with the first name and you get... "a healing branch of pearls" -- beautiful and good for you!

... what I eat

Food is my biggest passion after linguistics. I like reading about food, talking about food, cooking food, tasting food… Whenever I travel, I like to try out new (often local) dishes and when I come home, I invent new ones.

Here is a list of restaurants I love and recommend.

And here are some of my own recipes:


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